The Emerging Leaders Academy is designed to provide a platform for personal and professional development. Each course in the series has a different focus with one set of outcomes.

The set of outcomes are:

  • Through the use of soft and hard skill development work, each participant has the opportunity to become a well-rounded leader.
  • Building better leaders will lead to greater levels of success within the industry, a more engaged workforce, lower levels of turnover and ultimately, more profitability.


The premise of this course is that in order to lead others, you first have to learn to lead yourself. The course does a deep dive into personal and professional development with an emphasis on personal growth in a professional framework. The group will focus on the implementation of key concepts as they apply to each participant. Each participant will develop a vivid mental picture of their future direction and how to get there.


This is a highly interactive course that uses written text, workbook materials, lectures, interrogatory, assessments and group, and individual exercises. The course has field assignments given for each session along with an optional group project.


  • Provide a framework for personal and professional discovery and growth.
  • Develop an intimate understanding of the core values and what they stand for. How can participants fit them into their daily work?
  • Develop an understanding of the mindset of leadership.
  • Establish a process that enables participants to develop and discuss their ideas about leadership vs. management, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and when to use each as appropriate.
  • Develop the ability to present in a cogent, interesting and impactful way.
  • Build a professional network of colleagues from different disciplines and companies.